Office of Disability

Disability equipment program documents

This page includes health professional guidelines, forms, policies and procedures for the Office of Disability's Disability Equipment Program (DEP).

DEP approved prescribers

AP-1 DEP Professional Criteria for Approved Prescribers

AP-2 DEP Application for App Prescriber Registration

AP-3 Approved Prescriber Registration

AP-CS DEP Application for App Prescriber Registration Cheat Sheet

DEP clinical guidelines

CG-1 Communication Aids and Devices

CG-2a ADLs Toileting Aids

CG-2b ADLs Showering Aids

CG-2c ADLs Transfer Aids and Lifting Devices 

CG-2d ADLs Miscellaneous Items 

CG-3 Bed Equipment

CG-4 Supportive Seating and Alternative Position Equipment

CG-5 Pressure Management Equipment

 CG-6 Wheeled Mobility Aids

CG-7 Ambul Mob Aids and Standing Position Equipment

CG-8 Personal Emergency Response System 

CG-9 Home Modifications

CG-10 Vehicle Transfer Aids

CG-11 Oxygen

CG-12 Continence Aids

DEP fact sheets

AE - Alternate Equipment Sources

DEP Repair and Maintenance Fact Sheet

DEP Repair and Maintenance Fact Sheet (Easy Read)

FS-1 DEP Fact Sheet

FS-P DEP Moving Interstate Aids and Equipment Fact Sheet

National Portability Fact Sheet

DEP forms and agreements

A1 DEP Application Form 

A1-CS DEP Application Form Cheat Sheet 

A1-E DEP Application for special consideration form

A1-ECS DEP App for Special Consideration Cheat sheet

ACT-1 DEP Approved Prescriber Action Advice

AP-CS DEP Application for App Prescriber Registration Cheat Sheet

EA-O DEP Optometry Assessment

EA-O DEP Driving Assessment

FC-1 DEP Flowchart

FC-2 DEP Eligibility Flowchart

GL-DEP Glossary

GR-C DEP Grab Rail Owner Landlord Consent

GR-D DEP Grab Rail Disclaimer Form

HD Home Modification Diagram

HM-1 DEP Home Mods Agreement Owners and DEP with deed

HM-1A DEP Home Mods Agreement Owners and Builder Schedule A 

HM-C DEP Home Mods Certificate of Completion

HM-D DEP Home Modifications Disclaimer Form

O2 Oxygen Delivery/Collection Request

OW-1 Transfer Ownership to DEP

OW-2 DEP Transfer Ownership from DEP

P-B DEP Prescription Form Part B

P-CS Prescription Form Cheat Sheet

SF-1 DEP Satisfaction form

SL-1 Equipment Register Template

SL-2 Returned Equipment Advice

SL-3 DEP Hold Equipment Advice

Tier 1 Request for Quotation Template

T1 DEP Trial Request

T2 Agreement to Trial DEP Equipment 

T3 DEP Trial Log for Powered Mobility Aids

DEP policies

PO-1 DEP Policy

PO-2 DEP Financial Eligibility Policy

PO-3 DEP Access to Services Policy

PO-4 DEP Prioritisation Policy

PO-5 DEP Client Contribution Policy

PO-6 DEP Ownership and Portability Policy

PO-7 DEP Management of Equipment Policy

DEP Approved Equipment List

DEP prescriptions 

P-C Cover Sheet DEP Prescription Form

P-1 Communication Aids Devices

P-2 ADLs

P-3 Bed Equipment

P-4 Supportive Seating and Alternative Positioning Equipment

P-5 Pressure Management Equipment 

P-6 Wheeled Mobility Aids

P-7 Ambulant Mobility Aids and Standing Positioning Equipment

P-8 Personal Emergency Response System

P-9 Home Modifications

P-10 Vehicle Transfer Aids

P-11 Oxygen.docx

P-12 Continence Aids

P-13 Prescription Form for Multiple Level 1

P- 14 Comprehensive Wheeled Mobility Aids

DEP procedures

PR-1 DEP Application and Eligibility Procedure

PR-2 DEP Special Consideration Procedure

PR-3 DEP Prescription and Approval Procedure

PR-5 DEP Client Contribution Procedure

PR-6 DEP Ordering and Payment Procedure

PR-7 DEP Trial and Issue Procedure)

PR-8 DEP Stock and Re-issue Procedure 

PR-9 DEP Triage and Repair Procedure

PR-10 DEP Replacement Procedure

PR-11 DEP Pick Up Delivery and Cleaning

PR-12 DEP Cyclical Maintenance Procedure

PR-13 DEP Complaints Compliments and Suggestions Procedure

PR-14 DEP Roles and Responsibilities

DEP repair and maintenance

Triage Form 

R&M Job Sheet

CM Job Sheet - Commode

CM Job Sheet

CM Job Sheet - MWC

CM Job Sheet - Scooter

CM Job Sheet - Stroller

CM Job Sheet - Hoist

CM Job Sheet- Hospital Bed 

CM Job Sheet - Pressure Care Mattress

CM Guidelines Commode

CM Guidelines PWC

CM Guidelines MWC

CM Guidelines Scooter

CM Guidelines Stroller

CM Guidelines - Hoist

CM Guidelines Hospital Bed

CM Guidelines Pressure Care Mattress 

Cleaning Guidelines Summary

Cleaning Guidelines Detailed

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Last updated: 07 December 2019


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