Territory Equipment Program (TEP) and the Seating Equipment and Technical Service (SEAT)

This page includes information for health professionals, guidelines, forms, policies and procedures for the Territory Equipment Program (TEP) and the Seating Equipment and Technical service (SEAT).

Territory equipment program (TEP)

The Territory Equipment Program, provides community equipment and aids to children and adults who live in the community and have a functional impairment that requires prescribed equipment, aids and appliances that assist in maintaining and improving their capacity to live and participate in everyday activities.

TEP approved prescribers

TEP clinical guidelines

TEP fact sheets

TEP forms and agreements

TEP policies

TEP prescription forms

Seating equipment and technical service (SEAT)

The Seating equipment and technical service (SEAT) is a Northern Territory Government service that provides customised pressure care, mobility, and seating equipment to children and adults who have a functional impairment with intermediate to complex seating, wheeled mobility, pressure care and assistive technology needs.  SEAT Service provides necessary modifications to prescribed wheelchairs as well as fabrication of customised seating systems and pressure cushions.

The SEAT service provides clinical consultancy and technical services and will individually assess each client referred to them, in consultation with the treating therapist and or carer/family member to ensure the prescription is the most suitable.

Therapists can contact SEAT at any time for advice on customisations and modifications to seating and wheelchairs.  Training and SEAT Service clinics are provided in urban and remote locations throughout the Northern Territory.

SEAT Contacts

Top End

Phone: (08) 89228228
Email: SEATDarwin.THS@nt.gov.au

Central Australia

Phone: (08) 89516744
Email: centralaustraliaintake.THS@nt.gov.au

Last updated: 25 August 2022

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