Medicines and poisons control

Medicines and poisons control

Medicines and Poisons Control is responsible for the monitoring and control of supply of scheduled substances in the Northern Territory (NT).

The following areas come under Medicines and Poisons Control and can be found on these pages or on the NT Government website:


Medicines and poisons control enforces compliance of these Acts:


The Medicines and Poisons Control program has these key responsibilities:

  • issuing licences, registrations and authorisations under the relevant Acts
  • inspecting premises for compliance storage, record keeping, packaging, labelling, advertising and supply
  • scheduling of poisons and medicines
  • monitoring the movement of S8 medicines
  • issuing authorisations for the NT Opiate Pharmacotherapy Program
  • secretariat support for the Department of Health statutory committees:  


Medicines and Poisons Control
2nd Floor Casuarina Plaza
258 Trower Road
Casuarina NT 0810

Phone: (08) 8922 7341
Fax: (08) 8922 7200


PO Box 40596
Casuarina NT 0811

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Last updated: 22 March 2019