National My Health Record

The national My Health Record is a secure online summary of patient health information.

Consumers can control what goes into it, and who is allowed to access it. They can choose to share their health information with doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers.

Around 42,000 of  240,000 Territorians currently have a My Health Record and health care providers in the Northern Territory (NT) are urged to take full advantage of the national system.

For information go to the Australian Government's My Health Record website.

My eHealth Record (NT) and the national My Health Record system

The national My Health Record system provides you with a record that is accessible anywhere in Australia, unlike My eHealth Record (NT), where coverage is limited largely to healthcare providers in the NT.

This means that over time, if you visit a participating hospital or healthcare provider anywhere in Australia, they will be able to view and send to your national My Health Record.

My eHealth Record (NT) can only be managed through a participating healthcare provider in the Northern Territory, Kimberley Region of Western Australia and South Australia.

Having a national My Health Record means that even if you visit different healthcare providers in areas not covered by My eHealth Record (NT), they will all have access to the same healthcare information.


The national My Health Record does not replace existing medical records, but will become the consumer’s primary eHealth record.

Once NT Health hospitals and health centres are connected to the national My Health Record system, any new health information a consumer has elected to share will only be sent to their national My Health Record, if they have one.

Information in My eHealth Record (NT) will still be available.

The M2N Transition Project was supported by the Commonwealth Department of Health, in collaboration with eHealth partners, the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory and the Northern Territory PHN.

Read an My eHealth Record to national My Health Record: a transition overview for NT Health staff.


National My Health Record 
Phone: 1800 723 471 (select option 2)

NT My eHealth Record

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Last updated: 19 February 2019