Core Clinical Systems Renewal Program (CCSRP)


The Northern Territory Department of Health currently uses four core systems to support client health services. These systems are between 15 and 25 years old and are beyond end-of-life.

In May 2017, the Core Clinical Systems Renewal Program (CCSRP) was funded by the Northern Territory Government in May 2017 for $259 million over five years. The CCSRP will create a jurisdiction-wide single integrated client-centric health electronic record system for NT Health.

The program goal is to improve client outcomes by providing a contemporary system that works best for NT Health staff and transitions hospitals from paper to digital electronic health records.

The program is currently in the procurement phase and the announcement of a successful tenderer is imminent. A number of key foundational projects are also being progressed in preparation for the deployment of the new system.


Benefits to Territorians:

  • Clinicians will have easier access to integrated client electronic health records, allowing a faster clinical response.
  • The client experience at NT Health care facilities will be enhanced through integrated care, interaction with carers and new ways of working as clinicians will no longer access multiple systems to assess client history.
  • Client safety will be enhanced with more secure data, faster treatment and an enhanced capability to share health information among care providers.
  • The development of a modern and efficient client information system and electronic health record.

Benefits to NT Health staff and clinicians:

  • Clinicians will have more time to spend on client care without the frustration of working with multiple systems.
  • Clinicians will have access to client health information from any Government funded health care facility in the Northern Territory.
  • The CCSRP will enable better connectivity between NT Health records and the Australian Government’s My Health Record project.

Benefits to the Northern Territory Government:

  • Improved population health outcomes in the NT.
  • The system will be the most comprehensive clinical system installed in Australia.
  • Fulfilling the need for an integrated Electronic Health Record that is accessible across all NT Health hospital and community based services.
  • The system will support technology solutions that will improve the quality, safety and efficiency of health care services.
  • Obtaining a value for money solution for the NT Government.

Clinical Involvement

The CCSRP is an NT Health-led program which aims to improve client outcomes by providing a contemporary system that works best for NT Health staff.

Clinicians have been actively engaged in all aspects of the CCSRP including the development of functional requirements in preparation for tendering; detailed assessment of tenders; evaluation of technical proof of concept; participation in governance committees and overall provision of clinical advice and direction.


The CCSRP governance structure ensures transparency, outcome delivery and a higher likelihood of program success.

The CCSRP has a comprehensive and contemporary governance framework and is subject to regular reporting and oversight by the NT Government ICT Governance Board. The CCSRP also reports directly to government on a quarterly basis including a robust assessment of the status of the program.

Last updated: 26 March 2018