Chronic conditions: health professionals

The Chronic Conditions Strategy Unit works towards reducing the burden and impact of chronic conditions for Territorians.


The role of the Chronic Conditions Strategy Unit includes:

  • providing strategic advice on a range of issues, strategies and policies that relate to chronic conditions, towards improving the health of all Territorians
  • coordinating the promotion, implementation and monitoring of the Northern Territory Chronic Conditions Prevention and Management Strategy 2010 to 2020
  • contributing to strategies aimed at closing the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal health, particularly in rural and remote communities of the NT
  • supporting the chronic conditions workforce to deliver better chronic care.

Chronic conditions prevention and management

The Chronic Conditions Prevention and Management Strategy 2010-2020 serves as a framework for building and strengthening a system-wide response to prevent and reduce the impact of chronic conditions for all people in the NT and across the continuum of care.

The NT Department of Health has worked with partners in the non-government, private and Aboriginal health sectors and consulted widely with other stakeholders to develop the strategy.

The strategy highlights a number of conditions:

  • cardiovascular disease
  • rheumatic heart disease
  • type 2 diabetes
  • chronic airways disease
  • chronic kidney disease
  • chronic mental illness
  • cancers associated with common risk factors for other chronic conditions.

Key areas

The following key action areas have been identified:

  • action on social determinants of health
  • primary prevention
  • secondary prevention and early intervention
  • self-management support
  • care for people with chronic conditions
  • workforce planning and development
  • information, communication and disease management systems
  • quality improvement.

Chronic Diseases Network Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides strategic direction and governance for the implementation of the strategy.

It is made up of executive representatives from government and non-government organisations.

Read the Chronic Conditions Prevention and Management Strategy 2010-2020.

Chronic diseases network (CDN)

The Chronic Diseases Network (CDN) is an unincorporated network of health professionals and organisations from government and non-government sectors, committed to addressing the rising burden of chronic disease in the Northern Territory.

CDN aims to support and facilitate the communication, coordination, collaboration and collective memory of its members by:

  • exchanging information and news on NT and interstate projects, innovations and related activities in the field of chronic conditions
  • engaging members, stakeholders and those with a vested interest in chronic conditions to play key roles in the implementation and development of the strategy
  • working in partnership towards the prevention and reduction in the rates of chronic conditions and its complications in the NT
  • sharing relevant information to the wider audience.

Secretariat support is provided by the Chronic Conditions Strategy Unit in the Department of Health.


CDN offers its members information on the annual CDN conference, the quarterly publication The Chronicle and the monthly publication e-CDNews.

Membership to CDN is free. Submit a membership form to

CDN conference

The annual CDN conference is a key event on the calendar of NT health professionals, with a major focus on challenges and innovation in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

The conference is an opportunity for stakeholders to come together to communicate, coordinate, collaborate, network and promote their services and activities.

Conferences may include pre/post conference interactive workshops. Further information on workshops will be advertised prior to the conference. 

The next CDN conference is due to be held in September 2017. Read about the 2016 conference on the official website.

Past conferences

2016'Protection, Prevention, Promotion' Healthy futures: Chronic conditions and public health
2015Connecting the Care Across the Lifespan
2014Equity @ the Centre: Action on Social Determinants of Health
2013Self Management: a partnership approach
2012Promoting Healthy Childhood – Preventing Chronic Conditions

CDN awards

CDN Recognition Awards are presented during the annual CDN Conference, in the following categories.

For an award nomination form email

Chronic Disease Health Promotion / Program Delivery Award (Team/Organisation)

This award recognises a team or organisation that has implemented a program based on the key principles of health promotion and that actively addresses the risk factors or the impact of chronic conditions. 

The team must also have achieved significant improvement or innovation in health service delivery, demonstrate sustainability and community engagement, based upon current evidence and incorporated comprehensive evaluation.

Past winners

2016 - Diabetes Antenatal Care and Education (DANCE) team (Alice Springs Hospital, Menzies School of Health Research and Baker IDI)
2015 - Primary Health Care Team at Santa Teresa
2014 - Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation  

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health & Leadership Award (Male and Female)

This award recognises individuals who currently work in the field of chronic conditions and made an outstanding contribution to Aboriginal chronic conditions or health in the NT.

Past winners

2016 - Julie Hill and Charlie Gunabarra
2015 - Emslie Dianne Lankin and David Adams
2014 - David Cox

Outstanding Contribution to the prevention and management of Chronic Conditions in the Northern Territory (Individual)

This is awarded to an individual who has made outstanding contributions in the field of chronic conditions considering factors such as best practice, innovation, leadership, mentoring, advocacy roles and contributions to strategic planning, policy and research.

Past winners

2016 - Joanne Duncum
2015 - Katie Michell
2014 - Dr Gary Sinclair

Continuous Quality Improvement (Individual/Organisation)

This is awarded to an organisation or individual that has achieved significant innovation and/or contribution in the area of continuous quality improvement with the aim of improving the prevention and management of chronic conditions.

Past winners

2015 - Grace Daly


For more publications on preventable chronic disease, including strategies and frameworks, go to the Department of Health ePublications.

The Chronicle

The CDN's quarterly newsletter The Chronicle can be accessed from ePublications.


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