Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health

Aboriginal cultural security

The NT Health Aboriginal Cultural Security Policy PDF (2.0 MB) aims to strengthen Aboriginal Territorians' access to and benefits of health services by ensuring that the health system recognises the centrality of culture in delivering successful health outcomes.

The NT Health Aboriginal Cultural Security Framework 2016-2026 PDF (7.4 MB) assists to develop culturally safe and responsive health services for Aboriginal Territorians. The framework outlines the following broad cultural security priorities:

  • building the diversity of the health workforce and strengthening skills in cultural safety and cultural responsiveness
  • ensuring that communication between Aboriginal consumers and health professionals is effective and leads to ethical, safe and high quality care
  • embedding cultural security through a whole of organisation approach so that approaches are systemic and are supported through accountability and governance
  • supporting emerging and established leadership to drive improvements in cultural security
  • enhancing consumer and community participation so that Aboriginal people and communities partner in service provision, planning, development and evaluation
  • investing in quality improvement, planning, research and evaluation to support ongoing learning and improvement in cultural security.

Contact the Aboriginal Health Policy unit by email at AboriginalPolicy.DoH@nt.gov.au or phone 08 8999 2873.

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Last updated: 13 August 2021

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