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Research overview

On 1 July 2021, the Health Service Act 2021 (HSA) commenced establishing a single integrated entity responsible for the delivery of health services as defined by section 9 of the HSA.

The CEO of the Agency (NT Health) is the System Manager in accordance with section 15 of the HSA. The functions and powers of the System Manager include amongst others planning for the delivery by NT Regional Health Services of health services and health support services and negotiating and entering into agreements. The HSA establishes NT Regional Health Services as the local hospital network for the purposes of the National Health Reform Agreement (NHRA).  NT Regional Health Services forms part of the NT Health and is not a separate legal entity.

NT Health extends across five regions that make up the Regional Health Services:

  • Top End
  • Big Rivers
  • East Arnhem
  • Central Australia
  • Barkly.

Embedding research is central to the achievement of NT Health’s goals and strategic objectives to provide best practice health care that is effective, and evidence based because of our research. NT Health conduct research in a range of capacities and in partnership with a range of organisations to:

  • Develop a priority research agenda aimed at improving health and health care for all Territorians.
  • Grow research capacity and capability, including the establishment of NT wide governance and support structures.
  • Strategic sourcing of funding for research that optimises health outcomes for Territorians.
  • Ensure curriculum and workforce development provides quality teaching and learning.
  • Implement, test and embed research-based solutions to Territorian health care challenges in our health system.

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Last updated: 14 June 2022

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