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Fee schedules

NT Health aims to recover some of the costs for activities that are required to support research undertaken within its facilities. Fees are chargeable for all site specific assessment (SSA) applications with the exemptions applied for NT Health based investigator initiated studies.

All fees listed in this schedule are exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST).

The Research Governance Office (RGO) is required to review all applications for conducting research in NT Health Regional Health Services.  Site Specific Assessment (SSA) fees will be invoiced upon activity being requested, regardless of the approval status of the application.

Clinical trial with full commercial sponsorship



Initial Site Specific Assessment review fee

$3,300 (single site)

PLUS $440 (per additional site1)

Amendment Submission fee – Major RGO review and approval2


Amendment Submission fee – Minor RGO review and approval3


Completion fee


Clinical trial / research funded by grant / collaborative group / not-for-profit organisation



Initial Site Specific Assessment review fee


Review of amendments fee


Contract amendments fee


Completion fee


1. Multiple Primary Health Care sites will be considered a single site for the purpose of billing. Each Hospital will be considered a single site.

2. A major amendment is defined as an amendment to the protocol or any other supporting documentation that is likely to affect to a significant degree:

  • the safety or physical or mental integrity of the participants of the trial
  • the scientific value of the trial
  • the conduct or management of the trial
  • the quality or safety of any investigational medicinal product used in the trial.

3. A Minor amendment is defined as changes to the details of research that have no significant implications for participants or for the conduct, management or scientific value of the study and can be regarded as minor amendments (sometimes referred to as administrative amendments) Examples as follows:

  • Correction of typographical errors in the protocol or other study documentation
  • Amended contact details for the sponsor or project staff
  • Appointment of new support staff

Invoicing process

RGO revenue monies will be invoiced and managed by the RGO. Invoices will be sent directly to the sponsor or coordinating institution and remittance will be required prior to final approval/non-approval of the SSA application.


For more information go to the contacts page.

Clinical trial fees for industry sponsored clinical trials


Site set up fee

Includes feasibility, protocol review, SSV, Budget negotiation & CTRA, RGO SSA submission

$4500- primary


(To be paid on governance approval)

Trial initiation fee including SIV

$1500 payable on site activation

SSA preparation

$1000- primary


Administration fee, commencing year 2 on anniversary of SIV (computer access, consumable extra)

$1500- primary


Amendment Submission fee – Major i/c PICF site preparation

$500 (maximum of 3 PICFs, hourly rate applies to further PICFs)

Amendment Submission fee – Minor w/o PICF site -preparation


Online training undertaken by PI per hr

or CRC per hr



Monitor Visits

$450 per day/ per monitor

Safety Reporting to Governance/Ethics

  • Insurance
  • Annual report

$100 per item

Other correspondence to Governance: Primary site

$100/occasion of service

Preparation and submission of SAE (including follow up) documentation and reports (site specific) to Sponsor & RGO:

$250 per SAE.

Re-consent to PICF


Site close out fee


Archiving Storage fees 15 years on site (if stored here)

  • Box retrieval (if required) from archiving

$2000 plus transfer fees by invoice if not paid by sponsor

  • $100 per box retrieved


Pathology set up fee


Haematology Panel


Pathology Test Fees








Total Bilirubin




























Uric Acid






Blood Drawn for Central Labs (serum chemistry profile), Including Prep and Ship to Central Lab


Coagulation (Prothrombin time (including INR where appropriate), activated partial thromboplastin time, thrombin time (including test for the presence of heparin), test for factor XIII deficiency (qualitative), Echis test, Stypven test, reptilase time, fibrinogen, or 1 of fibrinogen degradation products, fibrin monomer or D-dimer)

$19.18 per item



24-hour Urine Protein Test albumin/creatinine ratio


Serum Pregnancy Test


Hep B (HBsAg) HBcAb included in price




Hepatitis C antibody, HIV






Short Synacthen test








Cytology by FNA

Cytology by FNA with pathology attendance



Fees will be charged as per the pathology scheduled fee for tests and procedures above normal patient care.

Consultation with the Pathology manager is recommended for quotation and to set up billing process.

Invoicing process

Pathology revenue monies will be invoiced and managed by the Pathology Department.


Royal Darwin and Palmerston Hospital

Laboratory Manager, RDH pathology administration
Phone: 0437 918 911

Alice Springs Hospital

Laboratory Manager, ASH pathology administration

Phone: (08) 8951 7749

Site Administrative Costs



Establishment fee

$1,800 per trial

Annual fee (after the first 12 months)

$1,500 per year

Completion fee

$450 per trial

Storage fees

(payable at receipt of Investigation Product, then every 12 months)

Room temperature storage

$500 per year

Refrigerated storage

$1,000 per year

Freezer storage

$1,500 per year

Dispensing fees

Standard dispensing fees:

1st item

$70 per patient/visit

Add additional items

$30 per additional item per patient/visit

Complex dispensing fee (e.g. narcotic, cytotoxic etc):

1st item

$80 per patient/visit

Add additional items

$40 per additional item per patient/visit

Complex dispensing with sterile or non-sterile manufacturing

Not currently offered

Additional charges

Call out fee

$500 per call plus dispensing fee

Drug Transfer costs

$100 per event plus transport costs

Returns Storage Fee

$100 per month

Re-labelling Fee

$110 per hour

Storage & Stock Control (if no dispensing required)

$1,000 per year (payable at receipt of IP then every 12 months)

Temperature monitoring reports

$100 per month

Invoicing process

Pharmacy revenue monies will be invoiced and managed by the Pharmacy.


Fees only apply for non-standard of care imaging examinations and/or procedures.


Medical Imaging set up fee


Admin fee (applicable for each year of trial beyond the first 12 months)


RECIST Reporting


Uploading to Central Review


Clinical Trials Coordinator

  • Imaging uploading
  • Imaging data queries


Disc burning fee

$131 one copy & $146 two copies

Close out fee


Imaging Fees


CT Neck/Chest/Abdo/Pelvis


CT head


CT head/ Neck/Chest/Abdo/Pelvis


CT Chest with contrast


CT Abdo Pelvis with contrast


CT Abdomen no Pelvis


MRI Brain


MRI Base of skull (neck) with Contrast


MRI Pelvis


MRI Abdomen and Pelvis




Biopsy Fees ( Protocol dependent)


Radiation Safety Report Fees

Initial Report

$1500 or cost as per institution at time of report

Confirmatory Report

Up to $550

Invoicing process

Radiology revenue monies will be invoiced and managed by the Radiology Department.


Royal Darwin and Palmerston Hospital

Director Medical Imaging Services, RDH Radiology

Senior PET Technologist, Positron Emission Tomography

Alice Springs Hospital

Manager, Medical Imaging Services, ASH Radiology


Country Travel (Per visit fee to cover costs associated with reasonable travel expenses for those country patients who have to travel further than 100kms to attend study related visits. Standard overnight accommodation approx. $220 per night. Sponsor will be notified and approval for any further additional costs to be negotiated)

TBC with sponsor

If a study is extended for a protracted period, the study budget may require renegotiation.

If the project is terminated early, the sponsor is required to cover full costs associated with the study preparation and conduct including any HREC and RGO fees dues.






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Last updated: 16 June 2022

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