Mental health information for health professionals

This information is for health professionals. For crisis counselling and other support areas please ring 1800 682 288 or go to the 24 Hour Mental Health Hotlines

The Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch is a specialist policy and project unit within the Department of Health. It is responsible for:

  • monitoring the delivery of mental health alcohol and other drugs services
  • service development and integration
  • mental health and alcohol and other drug legislative reform matters
  • National mental health and alcohol and other drug reform agenda activities and projects
  • provision of funding to non-government organisations.

Mental health and suicide prevention strategies and legislation

NT Health is committed to working with the whole community and key stakeholders in building a mental health service system that invests in and supports the community to better understand how and when to seek help. The strategic plan outlines a collaborative approach and incorporates the perspectives of individuals, carers, clinical and non clinical service providers. The plan has been developed in consultation with many members of the community including those with a lived experience and with a direct experience with services across the continuum of care.

Read the mental health strategic plan 2019-2025 PDF (1.7 MB).

A collaboration between NT PHN, NT Health and AMSANT, is leading development on a mental health and suicide prevention regional plan for the Northern Territory, in partnership with key stakeholders across the system.

The regional plan aims to identify ways the current system can better support people with their mental health, mental illness and prevent suicide. It will do this by finding ways to work together so that services are more coordinated, identify priority areas where systems could work more effectively, make sure that data and evidence is used to inform how services are established and ensure a spectrum of services targeting the needs of our communities are available.

Read the Northern Territory mental health and suicide prevention foundation plan 2021-2022.

The Mental Health and Related Services Act 1998 is the framework that balances the rights and treatment of those with acute mental illness in the Northern Territory.

It is underpinned by international, national and Northern Territory legislation, principles and quality standards. The Act is to be interpreted so that a person who has a mental illness receives the best possible care and treatment in the least restrictive and least intrusive environment enabling the care and treatment to be effectively given. The objective of treatment under the Act is directed towards the purpose of preserving and enhancing personal autonomy.

For more information on the review, view NT Health reviews and evaluations.

Northern Territory Mental Health Clinical Collaborative

The Mental Health Clinical Collaborative brings together clinicians, service providers and community stakeholders to focus on the responsiveness and coordination of mental health care in the Northern Territory and the provision of timely and high quality appropriate care at the right place and at the right time.

  • To provide a mechanism for collaboration and communication between clinicians, service providers and community stakeholders.
  • To promote an opportunity to exchange information, transfer knowledge, and discuss lessons learnt.
  • To communicate alerts, directives and outputs or decisions relating to collaborations with national and international government and non-government agencies.
  • To manage a program of service improvement initiatives, aligned with available resources.

  • Focus on the improvement in delivery of high quality mental health care and to improve the outcomes through a system wide approach.
  • Support a patient-centred approach to care and service provision that meets individuals’ needs with emphasis on supporting and empowering people to achieve favourable healthcare experiences and outcomes.
  • Engage with local health services to improve on current work and avoid duplication.
  • Nurture the transformational changes in the health system to improve the clinical engagement with a focus on culture and leadership.
  • Promote a culture of continuous improvement through informed best available evidence.
  • Understand that the physical, social, spiritual and psychological approach to care requires consideration of a wider perspective.
  • Be respectful in engagement with Aboriginal communities and respect the voices of Aboriginal individuals and communities.

Membership of the Mental Health Clinical Collaborative includes those who use and provide services across the continuum of care i.e. community members, academics/researchers and other representatives or class of representatives, as listed below:

  • allied health practitioners
  • Aboriginal health practitioners
  • general practitioners (GPs)
  • private practitioners
  • the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory (AMSANT)
  • the Chief Health Officer
  • the Chief Psychiatrist
  • non-government organisations.

To join the Mental Health Clinical Collaborative:

Step 1. Fill in the expression of interest form.

Expression of interest form PDF (127.9 KB)
Expression of interest form DOCX (61.3 KB)

Step 2. Submit your form by mail or email:

Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch
PO Box 40596
Casuarina NT 0811

The Mental Health Clinical Collaborative meets 4 times per year.

Refer to the schedule for proposed meeting dates and times below.

Wednesday 4 May 20221:30pm to 3pmManunda Place, DarwinDCVL2 Training Room
Wednesday 3 August 20221:30pm to 3pmManunda Place, DarwinDCVL2 Training Room
Wednesday 2 November 20221:30pm to 3pmManunda Place, DarwinDCVL2 Training Room
Wednesday 1 February 20231:30pm to 3pmManunda Place, DarwinDCVL2 Training Room

For further information on the NT Mental Health Clinical Collaborative contact the Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch by phone 08 8999 2691 or email


Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch - Darwin
PO Box 40596
Casuarina NT 0811
Phone: 08 8999 2691

For other related services, please contact:

Last updated: 08 June 2022

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