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Year Applicable Definition Documents Data Receiving Protocol Documents
CALENDAR YEAR 2017 KPIDefinitionV2_3 Data Receiving Protocol_v2.3
CALENDAR YEAR 2016 KPIDefinitionV2_2 Data Receiving Protocol_v2.2
FINANCIAL YEAR 2015-16 KPIDefinitionV2_1Data Receiving Protocol_v2.1
CALENDAR YEAR 2015KPIDefinitionV2_0_7 Data Receiving Protocol_v2.0.8
FINANCIAL YEAR 2014-15 KPIDefinitionV2_0_7 Data Receiving Protocol_v2.0.7
CALENDAR YEAR 2014KPIDefinitionV2_0_5Data Receiving Protocol_v2.0.6
FINANCIAL YEAR 2013-14KPIDefinitionV2_0_4Data Receiving Protocol_v2.0.4
CALENDAR YEAR 2013KPIDefinitionV2_0_2Data Receiving Protocol_v2.0.3


If you have any feedback about the NT AHKPIs, the reports, or the need for additional KPIs, please forward them to ahkpi.communications@nt.gov.au. Your ideas will be placed on the Issues Register for consideration by the Working Groups.

NT AHKPI System Team
Data Management and System Reporting
Department of Health, NT Government
PO Box 40596, Casuarina, NT 0811

Ph: (08) 8935 7437

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Last updated: 20 June 2017

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