Client complaints, suggestions and questions

The Department of Health, the Top End Health Service and the Central Australian Health Service welcome all types of feedback, including complaints, compliments and suggestions. Your feedback helps improve Northern Territory health services.

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Health service providers

  • In the first instance, please discuss any concerns with a health staff member or the manager of the service providing you with health care. A list of providers, including hospitals and clinics, is available on the contacts page.
  • In the Alice Springs Hospital and the Royal Darwin Hospital, there are patient advocates who can support you while you are in hospital:

    Patient advocate, Royal Darwin Hospital
    Phone: (08) 8922 8824

    Patient advocate, Alice Springs Hospital
    Phone: (08) 8951 7777

  • Top End Mental Health Service has a Consumer Consultant who can support clients to lodge feedback:

    Consumer Consultant
    Phone: (08) 8999 4930

Online feedback form

You can also submit your feedback using the online form below or contact the complaints coordinator on (08) 8999 2572 or

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Please note we are required to confirm consent directly with the patient and contact will be made once the feedback is received.

Submitter details

Patient details

If you are providing the feedback on behalf of someone else, provide the patient’s details below:

Feedback information

Escalation to independent bodies

If you are unable to resolve your complaint directly with the service or if you wish to receive assistance from an independent party, you can lodge a complaint to an external organisation.

The two main bodies for health complaints are the Community Visitor Program (for mental health services) and the Health and Community Services Complaints Commission (all services).

Community Visitor Program(for clients of mental health services only)

The Community Visitor Program (CVP) is an independent body that oversees reviews and complaints under the law. It provides a personal service by looking into and trying to settle complaints and concerns.

The community visitor program helps improve service improvements and your outcomes.

You have the right to access the program when you are admitted to the Northern Territory (NT) Mental Health Service, either in a hospital or in the community.  To find out more, visit:  Community Visitor Program website.

Health and Community Services Complaints Commission

The Health and Community Services Complaints Commission is an independent statutory body established under the Health and Community Services Complaints Act.

They provide assistance to Territorians to resolve complaints about health, disability and aged services and make recommendations to improve the quality of these services.

They do not represent either party to ensure an impartial decision is made.

Call 1800 004 474 or go to the Health and Community Services Complaints Commission website.

Other independent bodies who may be able to assist

The Children’s Commissioner of the Northern Territory

The NT Ombudsman

The Anti-Discrimination Commission

Last updated: 26 March 2018