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Intensive care

Alice Springs Intensive care is a six-bedded ICU and four-bedded HDU treating over 600 patients per year. 

Seventy per cent of the patients are Aboriginal with complex undifferentiated pathology. This population has a high rate of infections, renal disease, diabetes, rheumatic heart disease, ischaemic heart disease, alcohol misuse and bronchiectasis. 

Ninety per cent of the work is emergency medicine with little post-operative elective work. It is a great environment to learn for intensive care, emergency and medical trainees with the complex emergency undifferentiated medical case load.

There are few specialist services in the hospital and therefore exposure to problem solving with only telephone help from the specialities requires the development of greater understanding and an exposure to a greater number of technical skills than would normally be covered in larger hospital intensive cares.

Training and positions

The unit is a small unit of four consultant staff which allows a strong training relationship to be developed between trainee and consultant. Alice Springs is approved for six months of accredited training by all colleges.

We offer six month terms to people who have had minimal prior experience in intensive care and three to six month terms with those more experienced in intensive care.

We offer two resident positions, minimum of six months, must be PGY3 or above and four registrar positions.


You can contact Dr Penny Stewart  by emailing MedicalRecruitmentASH@nt.gov.au  or Dr Paul Secombe by emailing MedicalRecruitmentASH@nt.gov.au  for further information.

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Last updated: 07 December 2019

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