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National Disability Insurance Scheme – Innovation Grant

Round 2 - NDIS Innovation Grant Applications

The Department of Health is seeking Applications from community providers within the Northern Territory (NT) for the provision of innovative projects to support the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

This exciting new venture will fund innovative projects that generate new solutions, identify and test new opportunities and lead to a sustainable increase in the level of choice and control for people with disability, especially those living in remote areas of the Territory. In addition, the grants will support local providers to deliver culturally safe projects that increase local jobs and Aboriginal economic participation.

Grant funding amounts

Total funding available under the Innovation Grant Program is approximately $2 million. Round 1 of the Innovation Grant Program was completed in December 2017, where approximately $1 million of funding was granted to organisations across the Northern Territory.

The current round of the Innovation Grant Program (Round 2) is the final round for this program. Approximately $1 million of funding is available under Round 2 and will be available across all regions of the Northern Territory.

Small, medium and large grants are available:

  • Small funding request – up to and including $25 000.
  • Medium funding request – above $25 000 and up to and including $50 000.
  • Large funding request – above $50 000 and up to and including $100 000.

Innovation Grant Program Eligibility

  • Applicants must have registered with the Department of Health as NDIS providers or have commenced the process for approval under the Northern Territory Quality and Safeguarding Framework (2016).
  • Applicants must have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and be registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  • Applicants must obtain and maintain necessary insurance policies for the duration of the proposed project.
  • Project outcomes must be delivered on and reported within 12 months of receipt of the grant.
  • Applicants must currently operate, or intend to operate, in the NT.
  • The grant must be spent on an innovative project for the primary benefit of NDIS participants in the Northern Territory.
  • Applicants must be prepared to share information with the Department and industry about project activities, outcome, success stories and lessons learnt.

Innovation Grants Projects should achieve at least five (5) of the following outcomes

  • Improve service delivery options for NDIS participants.
  • Increase availability of ‘on-community’ supports in the Northern Territory.
  • Develop and implement new services that increase the level of choice for NDIS participants and deliver more tailored and targeted support.
  • Provide new approaches that respond to a community need and address the challenges associated with NDIS service delivery in the Northern Territory.
  • Support projects that have a high level of provider collaboration or partnerships to develop new or more effective services.
  • Increase Aboriginal economic and social participation.
  • Promote local decision making to ensure local people drive local solutions
  • Increase local jobs for Territorians.

Grant limitations

Innovation Grant Projects cannot be used to fund activities that are not directly related to the proposed project. Specifically, grant funds cannot be used for the following:

  • Manage cash flow or profitability issues in other areas of the business
  • Repay loans or provide gifts.
  • Pay sitting fees to directors or the organisation.
  • Pay fees, commissions, bonuses or similar benefits to directors, staff, members of the organisation or consultants for work already undertaken.

Further, the grants:

  • Will be a one-off payment and are not recurrent.
  • Will not cover the total cost of a project.
  • Are finite and your application may not be successful.

How to apply

To apply for the Innovation Grant you must do the following:

After you apply

Round 2 applications will be assessed by an independent panel that will include members with specialist knowledge and expertise relevant to the NDIS context of the Northern Territory. The panel will provide recommendations to the Department regarding applications that successfully meet the assessment criteria.

Decisions regarding applications and an offer of funding will be at the sole discretion of the Department. The final decisions are not subject to appeal.

Applicants will be sent a letter of notification to advise if they were successful or unsuccessful. Successful applicants will receive a service plan outlining funding timeframes, funding amount and key performance indicators. Unsuccessful applicants will be offered an opportunity to debrief.

Questions and Answers

Innovation Grant Industry Briefing FAQ’s.


To discuss your project idea or if you have any queries please contact the Innovation Grant Support Officer on 0417 933 404 or email NDISInnovationGrant.DoH@nt.gov.au

You can submit your application via email.

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Last updated: 22 September 2017

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