Prescribed information

The prescribed information which must be provided is:

  • date of birth of the woman
  • gestational age
  • the date the termination was performed
  • the method of termination
  • region of woman’s usual residence (based on local government areas)
  • full name and provider number of the suitably qualified medical practitioner performing the termination
  • full name and provider number of the second suitably qualified medical practitioner consulted for post 14 week termination of pregnancy
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status of the woman
  • the location where the termination was initiated (for early medical terminations) or performed (for surgical terminations including terminations post 14-weeks)
  • the name of the facility (where relevant)
  • that a check-up appointment was made.
  1. This information is available as a factsheet.
  2. A prescribed information reporting form has been developed to assist medical practitioners and their organisations to meet their reporting requirements.
  3. For more information, see the Northern Territory Clinical Guidelines for Termination of Pregnancy.

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Last updated: 30 June 2017