Termination of pregnancy (abortion)

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Prescribed information reporting requirements

The Termination of Pregnancy Law Reform Regulations (the regulations) state directives and set penalties under the Termination of Pregnancy Law Reform Act (2017).

Part 4 of the regulations sets out the prescribed information which suitably qualified medical practitioners must provide to the Department of Health when they perform terminations of pregnancy. The regulations also set the prescribed timeframes for providing this information. There is a penalty for non-compliance however this is waived if there is a reasonable excuse.

  1. This information is available as a factsheet.
  2. The prescribed information reporting form has been developed to assist medical practitioners and their organisations to meet their reporting requirements.
  3. For more information, see the Northern Territory Clinical Guidelines for Termination of Pregnancy.

Prescribed information

The prescribed information which must be provided is:

  • date of birth of the woman
  • gestational age
  • the date the termination was performed
  • the method of termination
  • region of woman’s usual residence (based on local government areas)
  • full name and provider number of the suitably qualified medical practitioner performing the termination
  • full name and provider number of the second suitably qualified medical practitioner consulted for post 14 week termination of pregnancy
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status of the woman
  • the location where the termination was initiated (for early medical terminations) or performed (for surgical terminations including terminations post 14-weeks)
  • the name of the facility (where relevant)
  • that a check-up appointment was made.

Reporting timeframes

For surgical terminations reporting must be completed within 28 days of performance of the termination.

For early medical terminations reporting must be completed within 28 days of the medical practitioner's last consultation with the woman.

For any other termination (for example a combination of medical and surgical) – within 28 days after performance of termination.

What is the purpose of collecting prescribed information

The purpose of collecting this set of data is to ensure women’s safety, determine the effectiveness of the legislative changes and to assist with planning future sexual and reproduction health initiatives for women in the Northern Territory. Confidentiality remains a priority and the woman’s identify is not part of the prescribed information.

What happens to the prescribed information

The information will be gathered and entered into a database that is managed according to the same strict confidentiality requirements that apply to all other information collected for health related purposes (for example, in the same way that information is collected, stored and used for the Northern Territory perinatal register and cancer registers).

The Chief Health Officer will provide reports to the NT Health Chief Executive relating to terminations of pregnancy and related services across the Northern Territory.

Prescribed information reporting form (an Approved Form)

The Chief Health Officer has approved the prescribed information reporting form.

Completed forms must be sent to: WomensHealth.DoH@nt.gov.au or PO Box 40596 Casuarina NT 0811


The regulations set out penalties for failure to provide prescribed information within the prescribed time. A penalty will not be incurred if a reasonable explanation can be provided.


For more information about the prescribed information reporting requirements contact the Department of Health’s Women’s Health Strategy Unit:

Phone: (08) 8985 8018


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Last updated: 12 September 2017

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