Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards

Celebrating the 2018 Northern Territory Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards

The Northern Territory Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards recognise the outstanding efforts of nurses and midwives who inspire us and make a difference to the health and wellbeing of Territorians.

The 2018 awards see a total of 11 award categories across a range of nursing and midwifery specialist areas. These awards recognise excellence in client care, education, research, professional leadership and commitment to the nursing and midwifery professions in the Territory.

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2018 Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards.

Recipient Profiles

Jacinta Newman, Registered Nurse, Royal Darwin Hospital Emergency Department
1st year Graduate Nurse/Midwife of the year

Sponsored by National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre (NCCTRC)

Having decided on and committing to a career change into health care from the television industry Jacinta has excelled. She has shown great dedication, professionalism and motivation in her work as a graduate nurse in the busy and complex Emergency Department at Royal Darwin Hospital.

She has been recognised as a role model to all nurses, not just graduates, for her eagerness to learn, teach, help and support others in need. She excels in time management, clinical assessment and the care of acutely unwell patients.

Jacinta’s clinical knowledge and her skill in interacting with patients, family, nursing staff and other health professionals is noticeable. She is truly an emerging leader and someone we look forward to watching as her career progresses.

Greg Smith, Remote Area Nurse, Maningrida Health Centre
Excellence in Nursing/Midwifery Education and/or Research

Sponsored by Charles Darwin University

Greg Smith is a Remote Area Nurse who has lived and worked in Maningrida for more than six years. Not only does he demonstrate excellence in all aspects of patient care, he has effectively partnered beyond the health sector to lead health promotion efforts to combat rheumatic heart disease in Maningrida.

In 2017 he undertook a research project with the aim of identifying how Maningrida residents wanted Primary Health Care to be delivered, in order to assist him in meeting client and community health needs. He built and solidified a high level of trust and showed personal integrity, and effectively engaged with elders to co-lead a community-controlled consultation process.

Greg's research has resulted in an innovative blueprint that has the potential to be a cornerstone in remote Primary Health Care reform. If implemented, his findings could be instrumental in helping to close the gap in health outcomes for Maningrida residents and other remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory.

Kerry Dole, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Renal Transplant Services, Top End Health Service
Excellence in Nursing/Midwifery Hospital Care

Sponsored by HESTA

Kerry leads the Renal Transplant Service team within Top End Health Service. This team supports a cohort of 180 patients, 90 of whom are post-transplant. Kerry has developed a patient-centred rapport with her patients earning trust and care closer to home.

Kerry is highly proactive in her professional approach. This is shown through the development of a comprehensive database capturing statistics and other relevant information which has been instrumental in developing and maintaining key performance indicators for patients, and provides valuable information to the Department of Health.

Kerry is a strong promotor of education and professional development in her multi-disciplinary team and setting a high standard, and is role model of patient-centred care and leadership.

Claudia Griffiths, Integrated Health Services Manager, Central Australian Aboriginal Congress
Excellence in Nursing/Midwifery Leadership

Sponsored by Flinders’ University

Claudia Griffiths is a senior registered nurse with Congress Integrated Health Services, Central Australia. She provides leadership and guidance to nursing and allied health staff across 13 clinics which contributes to seamless care for their clients.

She has played an integral role in developing pathways and a new model of care to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients.

Claudia was instrumental in Congress’s ambitious Aboriginal training programs. She oversaw the coordination of 14 Aboriginal Health Practitioners trainees’ clinical placements, promoted Aboriginal student placements in allied health, and introduced Cadetships in nursing across Congress clinics.

Claudia is a high-performing senior clinical manager who models high-level clinical practice with compassion and empathy. She is an excellent advocate for the welfare of her staff always making sure they have access to the tools and services they need to provide efficient service delivery.

Jennifer Jenkins, Clinical Nurse Mentor, Remote Alcohol and Other Drugs Workforce Program, Central Australia Health Service
Excellence in Mental Health and/or Alcohol and Other Drugs Nursing

Sponsored by Department of Health, Nursing and Midwifery Office and the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses

Jennifer commenced working in Alcohol and Other Drugs in 2013 as a registered nurse at the Darwin Alcohol Assessment and Treatment Service. She has proven to be a thorough clinician who willingly shares her skills and knowledge with the local Health workforce to become a highly valued

member of the Remote Alcohol and Other Drugs program.

Jennifer is an outstanding nurse and teacher who readily engages with colleagues across all health professions. She has a passion for promoting quality initiatives and educational opportunities. Her energy and commitment is infectious.

Jennifer’s long term commitment to teamwork, system improvement and education, together with her tireless dedication to inspiring communities to take affirmative action, minimise harm and promote awareness and wellbeing, makes her an excellent role model.

Sarah Holder, Registered Midwife, Midwifery Group Practice, Royal Darwin Hospital
Excellence in Midwifery

Sponsored by the Australian College of Midwives

Sarah has been a midwife with Top End Health Service since 2013 and demonstrates advanced midwifery skills, which she shares with others in a positive and professional manner.

Sarah has been at the forefront of recent changes in maternity services and has become a champion in the provision of continuity of care to women and families in need. She has the ability to place women and families at the centre of her care and works to provide patient centred solutions to suit their unique needs.

Sarah is a role model to all, which is reflected in the supportive care she provides for students and recent graduate she encounters.

Fiona Wake, Safety Quality and Accreditation Manager, Primary Health Care, Top End Health Service
Excellence in Nursing/Midwifery Primary and Community Health

Sponsored by Northern Territory Primary Health Network

Fiona has achieved what many may consider impossible, the embracing of the quality and safety agenda across all clinical areas within the Primary Health Care Top End Health Service. In her role as Safety, Quality and Accreditation Manager, Fiona has facilitated an organisational wide cultural shift to embrace the quality and safety agenda.

Through providing hands on leadership in driving change and engaging with a broad range of stakeholders she has improved the service’s ability to deliver quality patient outcomes and established a sound framework for facilitating change. Her style includes an innovative, forward thinking approach in the development of educational programs to engage the workforce in the quality and safety agenda.

Fiona has provided mentoring and leadership which has resulted in measurable, tangible, positive health outcomes for patients as well as an improved service environment for the health care team.

Emmeline Fletcher, Remote Area Nurse, Borroloola Primary Health Care Centre
Excellence in Remote Primary Health Care Nursing/Midwifery

Sponsored by Centre for Remote Health and CRANAplus

Emmeline has worked in Remote Health since February 2012, and is currently a Remote Area Nurse at Borroloola Health Clinic where she holds the child health portfolio. Emmeline possesses excellent clinical skills and an innate ability to communicate with clients and their families. She is proactive in seeking out opportunities to engage with isolated members of the community and has a strong patient centred approach.

She keeps herself up to date with changes in the profession and best practice principles, and actively encourages other team members through mentoring and education. She shows an understanding of the adage that education is power, and that through educating individuals and families that the community will be improved. Emmeline is a role model for remote area nurses across the Northern Territory.

Palmerston Community Care Centre
Team Award for Excellence in Nursing/Midwifery

Sponsored by Darwin Private Hospital

The Palmerston Community Care Centre team strives to achieve patient centred care. They work to involve clients at all times, from simple wound management to providing clients and families with dignified end of life care.

The Centre holds weekly case management discussions to ensure the team has knowledge across all clients to enable them to understand and accommodate individual needs. In formulating case plans, there is a consultative approach where all opinions are valued and supported.

Health promotion is a vital part of the work for this team, they actively research and implement practices that enable clients to be treated in the community. Their work focusses on meeting their clients’ cultural, emotional and environmental needs, and their team approach enables them to be effective and consistent in the delivery of services to clients.

Emily Robinson, Registered Midwife, Royal Darwin Hospital
Client Appreciation Award for Excellence in Nursing/Midwifery

Sponsored by Fox Education and Consultancy

The client appreciation award is a unique category as it recognises the performance of a nurse or midwife working with one client. It was observed that in dealing with this client Emily exemplified the meaning of midwife being ‘with Woman’. Emily delivered patient-centred care, inclusive of family to provide extensive and understandable information to develop and effectively communicate the childbirth plan.

Emily took time with the family to explain the clinical reasons for a caesarean, exploring options, providing them the courage to ask for their birth wishes. Beyond this she advocated for the family with the operating theatre team to ensure their wishes were respected in order to make the delivery a positive experience. Her professional leadership clearly resonated with the client who saw her as a key contributor to a positive delivery experience.

Jan Gibbett, Clinical Nurse Manager, Outpatients Department, Top End Health Service
NT Administrator’s Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Nursing/Midwifery

Sponsored by Central Australia Health Services & Top End Health Services

Jan Gibbett commenced her training as a Nurse in the original Darwin Hospital on Mitchell Street, on 3 January 1973.  She moved to the Casuarina Hospital, and later the Royal Darwin Hospital, as we know it today.

Jan was in the first intake of Territory home-grown residents accepted to train as a midwife. She was a midwife for 26 years at Royal Darwin Hospital where she delivered three generations in some families. Jan served as the Nurse Manager of the Maternity Services division until 2006 when she took up the position of Clinical Nurse Manager of the Outpatient Department, a position she held until 2016.

In a change in career direction, Jan moved to the role of Health Advisor to the Minister for Health before joining the Office of the Chief Executive team and represented NT Health in the recently established Territory Intelligence and Coordination Centre within NT Police.

Jan has recently returned to RDH to assist with the model of care for one of her old stomping grounds, the Outpatient Department.

Throughout her career, Jan has shown an adaptability and excellence in the work she undertakes. Jan is an employee of high integrity and compassion who, having been raised in Darwin, is committed to the Territory, to growing our own and to always putting the patient at the centre of her care. She has mentored many nurses and midwives throughout her career and has been an inspiration to many. She is an exemplar of team orientation, full of enthusiasm to learn and always a willing contributor.

Greg Smith, Remote Area Nurse, Maningrida Health Centre
Nurse/Midwife of the Year

Sponsored by Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation Northern Territory Branch

See above for Greg Smith’s profile.

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Past award recipients

The Chief Nursing and Midwifery Office would like to congratulate the recipients of the 2017 Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards.


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Award categoryRecipients
Nurse/Midwife of the YearCherie Whitbread
NT Administrator’s Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Nursing/MidwiferyDenys Spencer
1st Year Graduate Nurse/Midwife of the YearDavid Szyc
Excellence in Aged, Disability and Residential NursingRosalina Dequina De Guzman
Excellence in Alcohol and Other Drugs NursingPauline Reynolds
Client Appreciation Award for Excellence in Nursing/MidwiferyMethinee Intarapanya
Excellence in Nursing/Midwifery Education and/or ResearchCherie Whitbread
Excellence in Enrolled NursingCharmaine Mack
Excellence in Nursing/Midwifery Hospital CareDana Bailey
Excellence in Nursing/Midwifery LeadershipJeanette Berthelsen
Excellence in Mental Health NursingIngrid Herbert
Excellence in MidwiferyBettina Dunkley
Excellence in Nursing/Midwifery Primary and Community HealthEleanor Crighton
Excellence in Remote Health Nursing/MidwiferyStuart Mobsby
Team Award for Excellence in Nursing/MidwiferyIntensive Care Unit - Alice Springs Hospital


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Award categoryRecipients
Nurse/Midwife of the YearDiana Baseley: Maternity Unit, Alice Springs Hospital (CAHS)
NT Administrator's Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Nursing/MidwiferySandra McElligott: Remote Women's Health Educator (CAHS)
1st Year Graduate Nurse/Midwife of the YearIngrid Potgieter: Alice Springs Hospital (CAHS)
Excellence in Aged, Disability and Residential NursingRosemary Jeffery: Alzheimer's Australia (NGO)
Excellence in Nursing/Midwifery Education, Research and InnovationGina Majid: Paediatrics Ward, Royal Darwin Hospital (TEHS)
Excellence in Enrolled NursingKay Stevens: Rehabilitation Ward, Royal Darwin Hospital (TEHS)
Excellence in Nursing/Midwifery Hospital CareLèa Davidson: Preventable Chronic Disease Unit, Alice Springs Hospital (CAHS)
Excellence in Nursing/Midwifery LeadershipDiana Baseley: Maternity Unit, Alice Springs Hospital (CAHS)
Excellence in Alcohol and Other Drugs NursingKim Meighan: Alcohol and Other Drugs, Nhulunbuy (TEHS)
Excellence in Mental Health NursingKym Richardson: Adult Community Mental Health (MHAT), Top End Mental Health Service (TEHS)
Excellence in MidwiferyKatie Michell: Midwifery and Women's Health Outreach Team, Yulara, (CAHS)
Excellence in Nursing/Midwifery Community HealthEmma Louise Corcoran: Flynn Drive Primary Health Care
Excellence in Remote Health Nursing/MidwiferyE. Ann Sanotti: Nyrippi Primary Health Care Clinic (CAHS)


Award categoryRecipients
Nurse/Midwife of the YearJeff Tinsley
Education, Research and InnovationJeff Tinsley
Enrolled NurseMaureen Stevens
Hospital CareAlison Bucklar
LeadershipWendy Corkill
Mental HealthAli Thorn
MidwiferyRosie Dowling
Primary Health CareMelissa Mills
Remote Area NursingRichard Van De Veerdonk
Aged, Disability and Residential Care NursingSarah Louise Ryan
Graduate Nurse/MidwifeMichelle Mason
NT Administrator’s Medal Lifetime AchievementMo Davey


Award categoryRecipients
Graduate of the YearClancy Tucker
Lifetime AchievementElaine McArthur
Aged, Disability and Residential CarePauline  Howard
Education, Research and InnovationLesley Scott
Enrolled NurseSandra Markovich
Hospital CareSusane Dalkie
LeadershipRaelene Carroll
Midwifery Tina White
Primary Health Care Services  Dorian Dent
Remote HealthMartina Grimshaw
Nurse/Midwife of the YearTina White


Award categoryRecipients
Graduate of the YearWoojung Jin
Living LegendPauline Hateley
Aged, Disability and Residential CareCatherine Brown
Education, Research and InnovationSuresh Sharma
Enrolled NurseMaria Howman
Hospital CareTom Harbinson
LeadershipTain Gardiner
Mental Health Leanore Torrens
MidwiferySheryl Alexander
Primary Health Care Services  Coralie Brannelly
Remote HealthMichele Smith
Nurse/Midwife of the Year                    Tain Gardiner

Last updated: 17 July 2018