Health Promotion

Health Promotion Strategy Unit

The Health Promotion Strategy Unit provides strategic advice on a range of issues, strategies and policies across the Northern Territory (NT) Government, including:

  • developing a common understanding of health promotion concepts, terms and frameworks across the Department of Health
  • increasing awareness of health promotion as a core function of comprehensive primary health care
  • health promotion professional development, education and training
  • increasing workforce capacity in health promotion and prevention principles and practice
  • increasing the health promotion evidence base, especially related to health promotion and prevention practice.


The unit has the following functions:

  • provide strategic advice on health promotion issues, strategies, policy and planning
  • provide health promotion and social marketing in health training
  • oversee health promotion system performance - Quality Improvement Program Planning System (QIPPS).



The Australian Health Promotion Association (NT branch) offers scholarships to members of up to $2000 to support practitioners to attend professional development opportunities.

The aim of the scholarship program is to improve the health promotion capability of health staff working in the NT which will in turn improve the health of Territorians. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

For more information go to the Australian Health Promotion Association website.

Professional development

The Health Promotion Strategy Unit offers the following training and professional development opportunities:

  • Health Promotion Short Course
  • Social Marketing in Health workshop
  • Quality Improvement Program Planning System (QIPPS) training.

For more information contact


The Health Promotion Strategy Unit can be contacted at or on (08) 8985 8014.

Workplace health and wellbeing

Where you work affects your health, including your physical, mental, economic and social wellbeing. It can also affect the health and wellbeing of your family and community.

Workplace health and wellbeing programs promote worker health and can bring about positive improvements in the health of staff, their families and that of the wider community.

Benefits of a healthy workplace

Workplace health and wellbeing programs are known to:

  • reduce workplace injuries and any related costs
  • encourage employees to enjoy work and stay in an organisation for a longer time
  • increase employee morale and engagement
  • enhance a company’s image.

Healthy workers are:

  • more productive
  • more engaged in their work
  • known to take less sick leave
  • more energetic and can concentrate better

Guide to workplace health and wellbeing

To find out more about starting or extending an existing workplace health and wellbeing program in your organisation, download the NT Healthy Workplace Toolkit.

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