Telehealth is a video conferencing (VC) system that allows patients in remote areas to connect with healthcare providers in major centres.

TeleHealth NT has a mission to develop innovative, quality, evidence-based access to video-enabled healthcare following these principles:

  • enhance participation by building local and regional networks to increase communication amongst patient, services and specialities in all aspects of health and wellness
  • provide responsive health systems by supporting innovation in the health system and responding to local demands in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • create synergy for services by providing targeted health interventions at the point of patient presentation
  • support research and evaluation by collecting evidence that will ensure sustainable clinical practices.

Read My Telehealth Appointment - Patient Information.


TeleHealth NT includes seven service domains:

  • Tele-Critical Care - improving quality and timely access to critical care skills and advice
  • Tele-Specialist Clinics - improving logistics and access to ambulatory care
  • Tele-Workforce Support- enhancing clinical service delivery including education, training, clinical supervision and procedural support
  • Tele-Complex Case Management - multi-disciplinary interventions that support advocacy, communication, and effective resource management
  • Tele-Inpatient Care- inpatient care enhanced by access to specialists across the NT
  • Tele-Family Support and Virtual Visitations - patient and family meetings strengthen outcomes by increasing participation in decision making while reducing anxiety experienced from being away from home and loved ones
  • Tele-Sonography- real time connections to specialists required for diagnosis of conditions across video conference including ultrasound and other imagery.

TeleHealth NT is governed by the TeleHealth NT Steering Committee which has an executive of nursing and medical disciplines, Aboriginal Controlled Medical Services, Northern Territory PHN (NT PHN) and eHealth services.


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Last updated: 19 February 2019