Digital Health Services is focused on advancing health care delivery by developing and implementing digital solutions and services for healthcare providers through securely storing, sharing and transmitting important patient health care information online.

Digital Health Services provides:

  • easy, fast and secure access to reliable and comprehensive information
  • essential systems necessary for providing patient-centric care in an environment involving multiple public and private providers
  • support that is essential to overcoming difficulties of distance and to improving health outcomes for a highly mobile population with high health needs.

Digital Health Services works closely with its key eHealth collaboration partners, the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory (AMSANT) and the Northern Territory (NT) PHN.

Digital Health Services provides support for the My eHealth Record (NT) and the national My Health Record system for NT Health staff. You can read more about the national My Health Record system by selecting the link under eHealth above.

My eHealth Record NT

The My eHealth Record (NT) is the secure shared electronic record that has been used by healthcare providers in the NT since 2005.

My eHealth Record (NT) can only be managed through a participating healthcare provider in the Northern Territory, Kimberley Region of Western Australia and northern South Australia.

National My Health Record

The national My Health Record is a secure system providing an online summary of an individual’s health information and is available to all Australians. Healthcare providers authorised by their healthcare organisation can access  My Health Record to view and add patient health information.

Consumers can choose to control what goes into their My Health Record, and who is allowed to access their record. They can choose to share their health information with participating healthcare providers.

Through the My Health Record system you can access timely information about your patients such as shared health summaries, discharge summaries, prescription and dispense records, pathology reports and diagnostic imaging reports.

Over 93% of Territorians currently have a My Health Record and health care providers in the Northern Territory (NT) are urged to take full advantage of the information being uploaded to the My Health Record system.

For more information go to the Australian Government's My Health Record website.

National My Health Record system and the My eHealth Record (NT)

The national My Health Record system provides Territorians with a record that is accessible anywhere in Australia, unlike My eHealth Record (NT), where coverage is limited largely to healthcare providers in the NT.

This means that over time, if a patient visits a participating hospital or healthcare provider anywhere in Australia, they will be able to view and send information to their national My Health Record.

My eHealth Record (NT) can only be managed through a participating healthcare provider in the Northern Territory, Kimberley Region of Western Australia and northern South Australia.


The national My Health Record does not replace existing medical records, but will provide an online summary of a patient’s key health information that other healthcare providers have uploaded.

NT Health hospitals and remote community health centres are all connected to the national My Health Record system, any new health information a consumer has elected to share will be sent to their national My Health Record, if they have one.

Historical information in the My eHealth Record (NT) will still be available.

eHealth policy

NT Health employees, contractors and healthcare providers can read about their responsibilities in accessing and using the national My Health Record system in the National eHealth record system participation policy.

Read the National eHealth record system implementation guidelines.

The other services operated by the Digital Health Services include:


National My Health Record 
Phone: 1800 723 471 (select option 2)

NT My eHealth Record


Telehealth incorporates the use of video conferencing (VC) equipment that allows patients in remote areas to connect with healthcare providers in major centres.

TeleHealth NT has a mission to develop innovative, quality, evidence-based access to video-enabled healthcare following these principles:

  • enhance participation by building local and regional networks to increase communication among patient, services and specialties in all aspects of health and wellbeing
  • provide responsive health systems by supporting innovation in the health system and responding to local demands in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • create synergy for services by providing targeted health interventions at the point of patient presentation
  • support research and evaluation by collecting evidence that will ensure sustainable clinical practices.


TeleHealth NT includes seven service domains:

  • Tele-Critical Care - improving quality and timely access to critical care skills and advice for remote patients.
  • Tele-Specialist Clinics - improving logistics and access to ambulatory care services
  • Tele-Workforce Support- enhancing clinical service delivery including education, training, clinical supervision and procedural support
  • Tele-Complex Case Management - multi-disciplinary interventions that support advocacy, communication, and effective resource management
  • Tele-Inpatient Care- inpatient care enhanced by access to specialists across the NT
  • Tele-Family Support and Virtual Visitations - patient and family meetings strengthen outcomes by increasing participation in decision making while reducing anxiety experienced from being away from home and loved ones
  • Tele-Sonography- real time connections to specialists required for diagnosis of conditions across video conference including ultrasound and other imagery.


  • Reduce patient travel and costs
  • Reduced time away from family and community
  • Allows for shorter period of time away from work
  • Improves access to follow up appointments (eg post-surgery)


NTG helpdesk:

TeleHealth Support:
TeleHealth Technical Support:
Phone: 1800 000 254

TeleHealth Appointments:

Alice Springs Hospital

Katherine Hospital

Royal Darwin Hospital

Secure Electronic Messaging Service (SEMS)

Secure Electronic Messaging Service (SEMS) provides an easy, fast and secure way of communicating important clinical information between health care providers.

This means confidential patient information such as referrals, discharge summaries and outpatient letters are sent and received electronically using a secure method.

This method ensures patient health information is protected from unauthorised access and misuse.

The service uses electronic systems to provide end to end encryption and proof of delivery of the messages.