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Safety and injury unit

Injury causes substantial death, disability and costs to the health care system in the Northern Territory (NT) and accounts for in excess of $20 million per year in acute care costs alone.

The breadth of issues it covers is vast: road safety, water safety, occupational health, assault, domestic violence, suicide, and medical misadventure to name a few.

Injury is the third leading cause of death overall in the NT and the second leading cause for Indigenous people, as well as:

  • the leading cause of death for people aged 1 to 44
  • the leading cause of years of potential life lost
  • the leading cause of Disability Adjusted Life Years lost for males and fourth leading cause for females.

Contact the Safety and Injury Unit through CDC contacts.

What we do

The Safety and Injury Unit plays a crucial role in multi-sector partnerships by providing public health, research and evaluation expertise as well as access to and analysis of injury data. 

More than almost any other public health issue, addressing injury prevention requires a high degree of coordination and collaboration between many different sectors. It is not something, which any one agency can effectively deal with in isolation.

An important shift has been to move away from accident prevention to a more proactive approach in safety promotion and to address people's perceptions of safety.

Over the past years the unit has been involved in:

  • membership of the National Injury Prevention Working Group
  • membership of the Northern Territory Road Safety Task force
  • membership of the NT Water Safety Advisory Council
  • development of a Safe Community project in Palmerston.

The current resourcing of the CDC Safety and Injury unit consists of a specialist in public health medicine and an injury prevention coordinator both based in Darwin.

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Last updated: 15 December 2016

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