Alcohol management plans

Alice Springs

The Alice Springs alcohol reference group was formed in January 2014. It is made up of community and business stakeholders who provide specialised expertise, advice and input into alcohol management in Alice Springs.

The draft Alice Springs alcohol management plan was released for public consultation on 26 October 2015. A feedback forum was held in Alice Springs on Wednesday 4 November 2015 and the consultation period has now closed.

The Alice Springs alcohol reference group would like to thank the community for providing feedback on the draft plan.

Once adopted in its final form, the plan's success will be measured through monitoring of alcohol harm indicators including:

  • wholesale supply data
  • crime statistics like alcohol-related and domestic violence assaults 
  • hospital data.

Read the Alice Springs alcohol management plan 2016-2018.

Alice Springs alcohol management plan 2016-2018 (273.6 kb)
Alice Springs alcohol management plan 2016-2018 (313.9 kb)

Terms of reference

The Alice Springs alcohol reference group is an advisory group made up of members from representative stakeholder groups and organisations with an interest in: 

  • alcohol management
  • reducing alcohol related harms in Alice Springs.

The Alice Springs alcohol management plan has a focus on supply, demand and harm reduction strategies to address alcohol issues that impact on the whole township of Alice Springs. 

The alcohol reference group's role is to provide community and industry expertise, advice and input into the ongoing development, implementation monitoring, and review of the plan.

The alcohol reference group will be chaired by a chairperson and comprise a core membership that will be appointed by the minister. 

Others may be appointed if approved by the consensus of a minimum of 8 of the 10 members. The chair will be the only public spokesperson for the ARG unless the chair seeks consensus for another ARG member to act as a spokesperson on his / her behalf. 

Terms of reference and membership will be reviewed every two years, with the first review to be undertaken by March 2016.

The group will meet at least quarterly and decisions will be made by consensus. Where agreement cannot be met, a vote will be taken with eight out of ten members having to agree. Records of meetings will be published and made publicly available.

What the reference group will do

The Alice Springs alcohol reference group will:

  • provide the principal avenue for community groups and individuals to comment on the implementation and impact of the Alice Springs alcohol management plan
  • oversee the development, implementation and progress of the alcohol management plan
  • monitor the progress and effectiveness of the AMP in addressing alcohol related harms, through the provision of regular reports on alcohol-related data and progress reports on alcohol management plan strategies
  • provide a mechanism for progress of the Alice Springs alcohol management plan to be disseminated to the community
  • meet regularly to maintain an overview of strategies in the alcohol management plan and any emerging alcohol harm issues in Alice Springs
  • provide advice and comment to the government and the Licensing Commission / authority as appropriate on any activities initiated in relation to the Alice Springs alcohol management plan
  • review strategies contained in the AMP and recommend changes
  • at least every two years undertake a formal review of the alcohol management plan and the effectiveness of its strategies in reducing alcohol related harms
  • consult with the community and stakeholders on any suggested changes to improve the alcohol management plan.

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Last updated: 02 May 2017