This page has information about the Northern Territory (NT) Alcohol Action Plan as well as resources and legislation relating to alcohol.

You can also read about Alcohol Mandatory Treatment or for more information on alcohol, drugs and tobacco go to the Northern Territory Government website.

NT Alcohol Action Plan

The NT Alcohol Action Plan is the NT Government’s overarching policy on alcohol. 

It provides strategies and goals for the government, individual agencies, community interest groups and industry to tackle the problems associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

This whole-of-community Alcohol Action Plan has been developed to enable partnerships and collaborations, however government will have a lead role, with all agencies expected to commit to and report on activities contained in the plan.


There are two pieces of legislation that aim to minimise the harms from alcohol consumption in the NT.

Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Act

The Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Act provides for the mandatory assessment, treatment and management of people misusing alcohol.

Liquor Act

The Liquor Act regulates the sale, provision, promotion and consumption of liquor.


The Australian Drug Information Network (ADIN) contains quality online alcohol and drug information from Australia and internationally.Go to the ADIN website

Australian Guidelines to Reduce Health Risks from Drinking Alcohol.

National Health and Medical Research Council website

The Department of Veterans' Affairs The Right Mix website.

The Right Mix website
NT Department of Health information sheets on alcohol pharmacotherapies.

Alcohol Pharmacotherapies

Primary Health Care Framework

Naltrexone & Acamprosate To Assist Dependent Drinkers Maintain Abstinence

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Last updated: 11 January 2017