Smoky conditions - health alert


The bushfires currently burning in the Greater Darwin region and Top End have led to smoky conditions that may be a risk to people with respiratory ailments.

Always follow the advice of Bushfires NT or the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services if your area is under threat.

If you are concerned about the air quality around your area, the Department of Health recommends using the AirRater app. The app allows you to monitor air quality at your location as well as providing information on bushfires and planned burns.

When the air quality drops to 'poor' or below, we encourage people with respiratory conditions or illnesses to: 
* Avoid physical outdoor activity
* Stay indoors, with windows and doors closed where possible
* If using your air-conditioner, set it to recirculate
* Follow your asthma action plan and seek immediate medical advice or care if needed
* Call 000 in an emergency.

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