Trauma Centre doctor awarded Exercise Scientist of the Year


Researcher Dr Matt Brearley, from the National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre (NCCTRC), has been recognised as the Accredited Exercise Scientist of the Year for his outstanding work in the field of thermal physiology.

Dr Brearley has worked for the NCCTRC since 2010 and has completed significant research into physiological responses to heat exposure. This work has resulted in NCCTRC leading the world in heat preparedness for disaster deployment.

In an occupational setting Dr Brearley has also developed heat stress guidelines across Australia to mitigate the impact of heat stress on the workforce, including the electrical utility, mining, oil and gas industries.

Dr Brearley also assists firefighters, police and paramedics across Australia to plan properly for unavoidable exposure to hot conditions.

“Part of living in a hot country must be understanding the effects of heat on our work and leisure,” said Dr Brearley.

“There are many cases where heat exposure is unavoidable, so maximising the health, safety and performance of exposed workers has been a driving force for the research.

“We have identified a range of strategies that are both practical and effective and continue to work on novel ways to mitigate heat stress.”

Dr Brearley’s research lead to the identification of a ‘heat hangover’, where the cumulative effects of heat are felt well after the exposure period, and may persist for several days.

“People experience a range of symptoms including extreme irritability, fatigue, nausea and headache, impacting them not only at work but also in the home environment.”

NCCTRC Executive director, Professor Len Notaras, congratulated Dr Brearley on being recognised for his ongoing work.

“Matt has been passionate and persistent in his research and as a result people around the world are benefiting from understanding how to mitigate the effects of heat.”

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