Say thank you to organ donors and families


Chris Blackham-Davison has a simple message to the donor family that saw him receive a new kidney: Thank You.

Mr Blackham-Davison had a kidney transplant almost 20 years ago.

“I often think of the donor and their family and how wonderful they are,” Mr Blackham-Davison said.

Sunday 17 November is DonateLife Thank You Day, a national day to recognise all Australians who make organ and tissue donation possible.

Mr Blackham-Davison said the kidney donation made his life so much better and more productive.

“I am working full time, not on a pension and can get out and support the community.

“After having dialysis there is so much more freedom. I feel fantastic. I don’t feel sick and am a lot more energetic.”

Mr Blackham-Davison said he remembers getting the call at 2am that they had a kidney for him.

“I could not sleep for the rest of the night!”

Mr Blackham-Davison works full time as a teacher at Woodroffe Primary School but joked at one thing he had to do since he had to stop doing dialysis four hours a day.

“I used to have to do dialysis when lunch duty was, so I don’t have any excuse to miss doing lunch duty,” he joked.

DonateLife NT’s Program & Policy Director Lee Wood said DonateLife Thank You Day is an important opportunity for the Australian community to collectively say Thank You to all the individuals and their families who make donation possible.

“Their stories inspire other Australians to register as organ and tissue donors and discuss their decision with family and friends,” Ms Wood said.

“Each year thousands of Australian lives are saved and transformed through the generosity of deceased and living organ and tissue donors and their families.  There were four organ donors in the NT last year.

“Families play a crucial role in the donation process because they are asked to confirm their loved one wanted to be a donor, and provide vital health information before donation proceeds.

“Families also help the broader community understand donation by generously sharing their stories with the public. In doing so, these families help to educate Australians about donation and the comfort that it can bring families,” Ms Wood said.

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Photos attachments:  Kidney recipient Chris Blackham-Davison with his dog Tamari.

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