Precautionary drinking water advice to the community Garawa


Power and Water Corporation (PWC) has informed the Department of Health that routine testing of the Garawa community water supply, near Borroloola, identified that one sampling point had returned an elevated level of lead and another had returned an elevated level of lead and manganese.

PWC are undertaking an investigation to determine the cause but advise that the bore itself does not contain elevated levels of lead and manganese. Sampling and testing of water from the reticulation system is being expedited.

While the risk is considered low, the Department of Health (DOH) issued a Precautionary Advice to Garawa today advising residents that water for drinking, making food and cleaning their teeth should be obtained from either packaged bottled water, a water tanker or from another location within Borroloola.

In the interim a water tanker has been organised, and will be located in the community to provide a short term alternative drinking water supply.

PWC Helen Pereira – 0437 945 527

DOH Lorraine Hook – 0437 190 271

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