NDIS Worker Screening (NT) Information Paper 2019


Worker screening is a tool NDIS registered providers can use to check that the people who are working, or wish to work, with NDIS participants do not present an unacceptable risk to the NDIS participant. The NDIS Worker Screening Check is an assessment of a person’s known past criminal history, professional misconduct in the workplace and other relevant information.

All states and territories have committed to establish and operate nationally consistent worker screening processes that includes the development of appropriate legislative frameworks.  The Northern Territory Government has developed legislation to authorise NDIS Worker Screening to bring the Territory in line with other states and territories ensuring nationally consistent NDIS Worker Screening will be required for workers who deliver certain NDIS supports and/or services.  The National Disability Insurance Scheme (Worker Clearance) Bill 2019 will provide a greater level of protection for NDIS participants in the NT and places a priority on the right of NDIS participants to be safe while receiving services from a registered NDIS provider.  The legislation will also reduce the potential for, or prevent, a worker who poses an unacceptable risk of harm to participants from obtaining a clearance and engage in NDIS work for a registered NDIS provider.

The NDIS Worker Screening (NT) Information Paper 2019 (the Paper) contains information about the proposed legislation including applications and assessment of applications, and the ongoing monitoring of a cleared worker’s criminal history and other relevant information. The legislation will also cover the collection, use, storage and disclosure of workers’ screening information.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (Worker Clearance) Bill 2019 is due to be introduced in the Legislative Assembly later this year.

The commencement date for issuing NDIS Worker Screening clearances in the NT is   1 July 2020.

You can read about the NDIS Worker Screening (NT) Information Paper 2019 here.

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