Mosquito control structure reduces mosquito breeding in Casuarina Coastal Reserve


The Department of Health advises that a mosquito control structure in Casuarina Coastal Reserve will shortly be re-activated by the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory to reduce dry season mosquito breeding and the risk of mosquito-borne disease.

The low flow diversion pipe has been in place since 1984, and was established as part of a combined City of Darwin and Department of Health mosquito engineering program. The pipe diverts dry season storm water drain flows, from surrounding urban areas that otherwise would result in water pooling and mosquito breeding in the upper mangrove reaches of Sandy Creek and adjacent low-lying grassland. Opening the low flow pipe will ensure that flows are directed to a daily tidal flushed area, and will also allow necessary maintenance works to remove dense weed growth and sediment from the lower reaches of the Sandy Creek drain. The pipe only operates during the dry season, as there is sufficient water flow in the drain during the wet season for the water to reach a daily flushed tidal area.

The start of the low flow pipe is located at the pedestrian bridge crossing the Sandy Creek drain, between Rocklands Drive and the southwest corner of Royal Darwin Hospital.

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