Food safety after Cyclone Trevor


The Department of Health is reminding residents returning home to be especially aware of food safety in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Trevor.

“Food can spoil very quickly if left in the fridge or freezer without power, or if it has come into contact with water from a flood or storm surge,” Director Environmental Health Tracy Ward said. “Most perishable food in the tropics will spoil after three hours without refrigeration.

“The basic rule is, if in doubt, throw it out.”

If power has been out for more than a day, any food left in the fridge or freezer should be thrown away.

“Food that has an unusual colour, smell or texture needs to be discarded, along with any tins that are dented, swollen or leaking.”

A precautionary boil water alert remains in place until further notice for affected communities as well, including Numbulwar, Groote Eylandt, Borroloola and Ngukurr.

Before using any tap water, it is important to run your taps for two minutes first to flush out any sediment.

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