Dengue mosquito detected in Tennant Creek


Aedes aegypti, or Dengue mosquito, has been detected during routine exotic mosquito surveillance carried out by Medical Entomology officers of the Top End Health Service in Tennant Creek.

The detection occurred during surveillance between 22 - 26 February 2021.

Medical Entomologist Bill Pettit said it was likely that this mosquito was inadvertently imported from Queensland via road transport, however it is important to consider all possibilities.

“This mosquito was eliminated from the Northern Territory in the mid 1950’s and has not become permanently established in the NT since. Since the 1950’s we’ve seen three short-term incursions to Tennant Creek in 2004 and 2011, and on Groote Eylandt in 2006, with elimination achieved through comprehensive two year programs,” Mr  Pettit said.

Following the current detection, Medical Entomology officers will travel to Tennant Creek from 8-12 March to carry out mosquito surveillance and control in urban residential backyards.Dengue mosquitois closely associated with humans, breeding in artificial water holding containers around houses.

“Initially, operations will focus on mosquito control in the backyard where the Dengue mosquitowas found and neighbouring backyards, while mosquito surveillance will be carried out throughout town to assess the distribution of the mosquito in the town.

“It is anticipated that follow up visits will be required to ensure theDengue mosquitois eliminated,” Mr  Pettit said.

Tennant Creek residents are urged to assist officers in the following ways:

  • By providing access to their backyards;
  • By not tipping out any water holding containers until they have been inspected by an officer; and
  • By reporting any backyard mosquito breeding to the Medical Entomology unit.

To report backyard mosquito breeding in Tennant Creek, please contact Medical Entomology on 89228901 or 0427979854.

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