Pharmacy premises committee

The Pharmacy Premises Committee (PPC) has the following functions.

  • to administer Schedule 7 of the Health Practitioners Act
  • to monitor and investigate compliance with Schedule 7 
  • to prosecute offences against Schedule 7
  • to advise the Minister on matters relating to the administration and enforcement of Schedule 7
  • other functions imposed by this or another Act.


Committee members are appointed by the Minister for Health. 

The Pharmacy Premises Committee has four members: three pharmacists to assist the committee in performing its functions and one non-pharmacist to represent the interests of patients and consumers.

Notification forms

The Pharmacy Premises Committee must be notified when a pharmacy business changes ownership, through the following forms:

Pharmacy premises standards

The committee has reviewed and endorsed the following standards, guidelines and codes of practice. 

Pharmacy standards


Premises and equipment standard for pharmacy based immunisation programs

Jul 2014

Premises standards for pharmacy business

Aug 2015

Direct Supervision

Aug 2015

Display name of pharmacy business

Jun 2013

Mandatory references for Northern Territory pharmacy premises

May 2016

Pharmacy ownership guideline

Jun 2016

Mandatory equipment for pharmacy businesses

May 2013

Guidelines on dose administration and staged supply of dispensed medicine. Go to the Pharmacy Board of Australia website. 
Code of practice 

Australian code of good wholesaling practice for medicines in schedules 2, 3, 4 and 8. Go to the Australian Government's Therapeutic Good Administration website.


Review of Schedule 8 of the Health Practitioners Act 

The Health Practitioners Act was amended in 2010 with the introduction of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS).

While NRAS has responsibility for health practitioners and pharmacists, pharmacy premises and ownership controls remain the responsibility of the NT, legislated under Schedule 8 of the Act.

The Pharmacy Premises Committee was established to administer these controls.

Read the 2011 Tilton Review report and the Department of Health response:


For information about making a complaint go to health compliments, complaints and feedback.

Committee Registrar
Phone: (08) 8922 7341
Fax: (08) 8922 7200

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