Career Pathway

Career Pathway Streams and Steps

The NT Nursing and Midwifery Career Pathway has three streams: clinical , education & research , and management , with consideration regarding separate research stream in the future.
Each stream provides clear expectations for each step in the pathway with an overall role description, criteria based on the Strong model domains, and qualifications and experience expected at that step.

In addition, explicit guidance regarding professional development and education required for advancement to the next step is provided, thus assisting staff to plan their career trajectories and managers to target professional development funding and support.

The first steps in the proposed career pathway rest in the clinical stream, recognising that the clinical pathway is the one taken by the vast majority of entry to practice ENs, RNs, and RMs.
Although it is clear that nurses and midwives in clinical practice may also carry some education and management responsibilities, formal movement into those streams occurs in later steps on the career pathway, at the Nurse or Midwife Specialist level.

Nurses and midwives often move between streams over the course of their careers, and there is substantial overlap in the expertise, judgement and accountability between the streams at any one step e.g. Nurse/Midwife Specialist (Clinical), Nurse/Midwife Specialist (Education and Research), and Nurse/Midwife Specialist (Management) will require similar levels of knowledge and skill, and reasoning and decision-making, and will have similar levels of influence and impact, however one will be emphasis clinical, one in education and one in management.

The career pathway is designed to assist nurses and midwives create their own career path, moving between streams and steps as best suits their personal and professional goals.

Streams and Steps

Clinical criteria

Education and research

Management criteria

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Last updated: 07 December 2019


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