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Palliative Care

Welcome to Territory Palliative Care. Palliative care is active care that aims to promote comfort when cure is no longer possible. It offers a positive approach to caring and encourages people to live as full a life as they can when faced with a life limiting illness.

Services offered by Territory Palliative Care

Alice Springs Respite Day Care House
The Alice Springs Day Care Respite House provides support for individuals under the care of the Palliative Care team and those with a chronic disease in Alice Springs by providing respite for their carers during the day. Below is more information about how to access the House.

Alice Springs Respite Day Care House (Adobe PDF document - 187KB)

Community Support
Palliative Care Physicians, Specialist Nurses and Aboriginal Health Workers support the work of primary medical providers and community nurses to patients residing at their place of residence including residential care facilities. They do not replace existing providers of care but assess needs, provide skilled advice, assist in coordinating community resources and are able to request additional services as required.

TPC Top End has a multi-disciplinary team including Allied Health professionals (Social Worker, Occupational Therapist, Dietician, Physiotherapist and Pastoral Carer) who have a specialist primary care role and provide services directly to clients of the palliative care service, as well as a consultation role to primary allied health care providers.

TPC Central Australia has a community based consultancy team including Medical, Nursing, Allied Health and Aboriginal Health Worker.

Hospital Consultation
Palliative Care Physicians and Specialist Nurses provide a consultative service to Royal Darwin (RDH), Alice Springs (ASH) and Darwin Private Hospital. Outpatient Clinics are also available at RDH and ASH for new patients and follow up of existing patients.

The Hospice
The Hospice is a specialised 12 bed short-stay facility located on the grounds of RDH in Darwin. The hospice accepts admissions for active symptom management, as a transition to home from hospital, or for care in the final stage of illness. There is limited access for respite care. Admission Policy for Hospice

Bereavement Care
Support is available to family members and significant others who can access the bereavement service.

Volunteer Support
Trained volunteers play an integral role in providing support in the home, in the hospice and during bereavement. Please contact us if you interested in volunteering.