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NT Suicide Prevention

For immediate assistance over the phone, call 1800 682 288.
In an emergency dial 000.

We can help each other

Anyone can assist in saving a life, with a little knowledge and the courage to act. This website is a resource that you can use to:

  • Seek assistance through 24 hour help lines (weblinks provided on the support page)
  • Find a counsellor
  • Access Indigenous Services and Information
  • Find local support and training
  • Access assistance to develop community care plans
  • Keep up to date with the latest events and research in the Northern Territory and Australia.

Suicide - Talk about it

Throughout our lives we may experience periods of emotional pain that are intense and overwhelming. Occasionally this emotional pain can lead to thoughts of suicide.

If you are feeling at risk from thoughts of suicide, tell someone now. If you are not able to talk to friends or family there are many professionals and help lines ready to help you right now.

If you have been bereaved by suicide there are a number of counselling and support services able to assist you.

NT Suicide Prevention Action Plan

In 2007 a cross-Government Suicide Prevention Coordinating Committee was established to monitor and evaluate the progress of the NT Strategic Framework for Suicide Prevention and to develop an Action Plan for Suicide Prevention in the NT.

The NT Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2009 - 2011  was launched in March 2009 and provided assessable actions and initiatives to reduce self-harming behaviour and enhance the resilience and capacity of the NT community. The result of this plan was the steady decrease in suicides over this period.

The current NT Suicide Prevention Strategic Action Plan 2015 - 2018 was launched by the Minister for Health on 10 April 2015.