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The Chronicle

A publication with contributions from members. It provides information on NT and interstate projects, innovations and related activities in the field of chronic conditions.

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To contribute to The Chronicle

All articles are peer reviewed by the Editorial Committee. It is not normal practice for articles expressing authors personal views on a topic to be included.

"The Chronicle" criteria are:

  • Articles should address the edition's theme.
  • Articles should be kept to 500 words.
  • All sources of information must be acknowledged, with correct references included.
  • Photos should be sent separately in jpg format. Please do not put them into a word document and include a caption with photos.
  • Articles of interest that do not directly address the theme of the edition will be considered but not given priority.
  • Not all articles will be able to be accepted due to theme and space limitations.
  • Prior to publishing all articles go to the editorial committee for editing and peer review.

Submit your article via email to: