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Advice for Health Practitioners

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Alcohol Mandatory Treatment (AMT) forms and guidelines


General Information

For 24 hour clinical advice on alcohol and drug related matters call the Drug and Alcohol Clinical Advisory Service on 1800 111 092.

Other resources:

Self Learning Resources

Resource and Referral Agencies

Resources for Health Care Providers

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Drink Less Package

Information and resources for Health Practitioners

Remote Primary Health Care Resouce Kit

Resource NameDescriptionDownload
Grog Making the ChangeThis flipchart provides brief interventions and motivational interviewing techniques, whilst incorporating Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT) in a narrative (story telling) context.Grog Making the Change
Brief Intervention & Motivational InterviewingVisual aid that may be used to assist in raising awareness, identifying the harms associated with AOD use and as a visual exploration of a clients situation, eg. where they are now and where they would like to be.Brief Intervention and Motivational Interviewing Tool
The Cycle of Change ResourceChanging alcohol, tobacco or drug behaviour takes time. Not everyone has to go through all the stages in the same order. Some stages can be missed, others can be repeated.The Cycle of Behaviour change
Yarning About Alcohol BrochureDo you think you have a problem? Too much alcohol causes trouble. Together we can stay strong.Yarning About Alcohol Brochure

Yarning About Alcohol
SNAPE ToolSmoking, Nutrition, Alcohol, Physical Activity and Emotional Health Tool (SNAPE)4 Step Guide to Brief Intervention
Audit Tool QuestionnaireBecause alcohol use can affect health and interfere with certain medications and treatments, it is important that we ask you some questions about your use of alcohol.Alcohol Screen (AUDIT) Tool

The AUDIT Alcohol Consumption Questions

Other Resources

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CARPA - Alcohol Information.CARPA - Alcohol information
IRIS ToolIndigenous Risk Impact Screen and Brief Intervention ProjectIndigenous Risk Impact Screen and Brief Intervention Project


The Department's Alcohol and Other Drugs Program regional offices:

  • Directorate - (08) 8999 2691
  • Darwin - (08) 8922 8399
  • Alice Springs - (08) 8951 7580
  • Tennant Creek - (08) 8962 4282
  • Katherine - (08) 8973 8947
  • Nhulunbuy - (08) 8987 0445