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NT Companion Card

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Companion Card LogoAbout the Companion Card

The Companion Card is an initiative by the Northern Territory Government and is administered by the Department of Health, Disability Services. The initiative enables people with disability who require lifelong attendant care support from a companion to participate in identified activities without incurring the cost of a second ticket for their companion.

The Companion Card program was first introduced by the Victorian Government in 2003 as a response to concerns from people with disability that the pricing policies of some entertainment, leisure and recreation venues were discriminatory.

The Companion Card program is a practical way of supporting carers of people with disability. It may assist carers when advocating on behalf of the person with disability to not incur the cost of an additional ticket. The Companion Card may also ease some of the additional costs incurred while undertaking their caring role.


To be eligible for an NT Companion Card you must demonstrate that you:

  1. are living in the NT; and
  2. have a permanent disability; and
  3. because of the impact of your disability, you are unable to participate at most community venues or activities without attendant care support; and
  4. you need, or are likely to need, lifelong attendant care support.

The card will only be issued if you meet ALL the criteria for the program.

The Companion Card is issued in the name of the person who has the disability. Carers and service providers are not eligible to apply for a Companion Card.

Apply for and Use a Card

To apply for a Companion Card, contact the NT Companion Card program on 1800 139 656 or download the application form below:

The NT Government will assess each application against the four eligibility criteria for the Companion Card program. If more information is needed to process applications, the Companion Card program may contact the applicant (or authorised contact) to ask for additional information.

All persons applying for a Companion Card will be notified of the outcome of the application in writing.

Please note that completion of an application form does not guarantee a Companion Card will be issued. Unsuccessful applicants will be informed about their rights to review and the processes and timeframes involved. Any person who is not satisfied with the outcome of his or her application may request a review.


Terms & Conditions and  Security

 The Card Holder Terms and Conditions provides full details about the Card.

  • Companion Cards are issued for five years to approved applicants. The card is issued in the name of the person with the disability for his or her use only.
  • The Companion Card includes the card holder's name, card number, card expiry date, as well as a photograph of the card holder.
  • The card incorporates a number of security features that are provided to businesses affiliated with the program. Affiliates may be able to use these features to verify card holder information when taking telephone bookings or issuing tickets.
  • Card holders must renew their cards periodically.
  • Card holders must also advise the program of a change in their circumstances that may affect their eligibility to hold a card.

Companion Card FrontCompanion Card Back


How to use the card

The Card Holder Terms and Conditions provides full details about the Card.

  • You must present your Companion Card when booking or buying a ticket from a participating business ("affiliate"). Affiliates will issue you with a second 'companion ticket' for your companion at no charge. The companion ticket is also exempt from all booking fees.
  • If you book your ticket over the telephone, you must tell the operator that you require a companion ticket. You may need to provide your name, your Companion Card number and the card expiry date.
  • You may be required to show your Companion Card when purchasing or collecting tickets, or at any time during your attendance at a venue or activity. If you cannot present your card, you may be charged for the companion ticket. The companion ticket is not valid unless the card holder is present. Only the person whose photograph and name appear on the card may use the Companion Card.
  • If you require more than one companion, you must negotiate this with the business affiliate at the time of booking.
  • The success and expansion of the Companion Card is dependent upon the good will of both card holders and affiliates. Attempts to use the Companion Card when a companion is not required may jeopardise the willingness of businesses to participate in the program. 
  • You should only use your Companion Card when you require the assistance of a companion to participate at a particular venue or activity. If you previously attended a venue or activity independently, this arrangement should continue, unchanged.

Where to use the card

The Card Holder Terms and Conditions provides full details about the Card.

  • Look for the distinctive Companion Card logo displayed by affiliates at the entrance of business premises or on their promotional and advertising material.
  • You can also use your card interstate. Information on interstate programs and participating businesses operating throughout Australia is available on the National Companion Card website.
  • If there is a venue or activity that you wish to attend, it is your responsibility to check with the venue, at the time of booking your tickets, if they will accept your Companion Card.
  • Some venue/activity operators may not know about the Companion Card (or may not display the logo), but may still accept your card if it is presented or when informed about the program. If a venue or activity operator needs more information, or would like to affiliate with the program, they can contact the Companion Card program via the website address and telephone number shown on the back of the card. By raising awareness in this way, it is hoped that more businesses will affiliate with the program.

Exclusions of use

The Card Holder Terms and Conditions provides full details about the Card.

There may be circumstances where an individual may use the support of a companion but will not qualify to receive a Companion Card. Examples include:

  • a person who is experiencing a temporary impairment
  • a person whose expected development or recovery may mean that they will not require lifelong attendant care support
  • a person who is affected by the inaccessibility of a particular venue
  • a person who chooses to have a companion to provide social company or reassurance
  • a person who chooses to have a companion rather than use available aids, equipment or alternative strategies to access a venue or activity.
  • The Companion Card program must be advised of any changes affecting a card holder's eligibility.
  • There are no income or asset tests, or fees associated with the application process. The Companion Card is not issued to every person who has a disability.


Renew, Update, Replace, Transfer or Cancel a Card


Request a Replacement Card

Card holders may request a replacement Companion Card prior to the expiry date if the card is lost, stolen or damaged, or they have changed their name. If required, photographs may also be updated.

To request a replacement card, please contact the NT Companion Card Scheme by calling 1800 139 656 or emailing  [click here to send email]

Transfer a Card

Card Holder Transfer Form

Change Contact Details

Card holders may update their address details or telephone number by calling 1800 139 656 or emailing [click here to send email]

Renew a Card

NT Companion Cards are issued for five years to approved applicants. The card is issued in the name of the person with the disability for his or her use only. The card expiry date is printed on the front of the card.

Card holders will receive a reminder letter ahead of the expiry date with advice on the renewal process. As part of the renewal process, card holders will be required to confirm their ongoing need for the Companion Card. Card holders are also required to provide new photographs when renewing their card.

Cancel a Card

Where a change in circumstances means that a card holder is no longer eligible for a Companion Card (e.g. death, change in medical condition, moving interstate) a card may be cancelled by calling 1800 139 656 or emailing [click here to send email]

List of Affiliates


Privacy Statement

The Northern Territory Companion Card Scheme recognises the importance of your privacy and is committed to protecting any personal information that the Scheme holds about you.

Our privacy policy describes how we manage your personal information and safeguard your privacy.

Privacy Policy

Collecting personal information about you

The personal information we collect and hold about you includes your name, address, date of birth, contact details, disability, functional support required and other information from your completed Companion Card application.

Using and disclosing your personal information

The Northern Territory Companion Card Scheme uses your personal information to contact you regarding your assessment, to provide you with your card if your application is successful and to keep you informed of issues and events relevant to Companion Card holders.

From time to time we may survey Companion Card holders about the Northern Territory Companion Card Scheme and related initiatives so that we can improve our services to you.

Your personal information will not be used for any other purpose, unless:

  • We have your consent; or
  • It is required or authorised by law.

The Northern Territory Companion Card Scheme occasionally contract out to external service providers some of our functions such as information technology services and mail house services. We may disclose database information to these service providers but only so that they can provide the services that we have contracted out to them. External service providers to whom we outsource these functions must sign a confidentiality agreement that prevents them from using your personal information for any other purpose.

At your request, the Northern Territory Companion Card Scheme will amend any personal information we hold about you which is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date.

What should you do if you would like more information about how we manage your personal information or wish to complain about a breach of your privacy?

If you are concerned that we may have breached your privacy, or you require more information on the way we manage your personal information, please contact us.

Contact Us

General Enquiries

Phone             1800 139 656
Email              companioncard@nt.gov.au or via our web form: [click here to send email]

Postal Address:

NT Companion Card Scheme
Office of Disability, Department of Health
PO Box 40596, CASUARINA NT 0811

Card Holder Concerns 

Card holders who have a complaint about recognition of their Companion Card are encouraged to resolve the issue with the venue or activity management in the first instance before contacting the NT Companion Card program.

Affiliated businesses are encouraged to develop their own complaints procedure to manage issues relating to the Companion Card.

Note: Acceptance of the Companion Card does not indicate that a venue/activity is accessible. Card holders should check accessibility with the venue/activity operator before booking tickets.


For Businesses and Organisations

The Companion Card is a practical way for businesses to meet some of their obligations under the anti-discrimination legislation. In this way social inclusion for people with disabilities is promoted and carers are supported in their role.

Strong support from the business sector is vital to the success of the Companion Card program. Any business or organisation that charges an admission or participation fee is encouraged to consider officially joining the program as an affiliate.

Organisations that do not issue tickets directly may also affiliate with the program. For example, a venue owner or funding body may make it a condition that all venue users or funding recipients comply with Companion Card affiliate terms and conditions.

The Companion Card is an easy way for businesses and organisations to promote social inclusion for people with disability and support carers in their role. It provides businesses with a practical way to meet some of their obligations under anti-discrimination legislation.

NT-based businesses, venues and events that have formally agreed to accept the Companion Card are listed here:

It is the responsibility of the operators of venues and activities to consider all requests for companion tickets. If a person who does not hold a Companion Card requests a companion ticket, the operator may negotiate alternative methods to verify the person's need for attendant care support.

What is a Business Affiliate

Business affiliates are businesses, organisations, events or activities that officially register participate in the Companion Card program. Affiliates agree to:

  • issue the Companion Card holder with a ticket for their attendant carer at no charge;
  • accept a Companion Card issued in any Australian State or Territory;
  • display the Companion Card logo in a prominent position at premises or on promotional material (where possible); and
  • abide by the Companion Card's Affiliate Terms and Conditions



Benefits of Business Affiliation

Affiliation will help you to:

  • enhance a positive public image for your organisation; and
  • demonstrate your organisation's commitment to social inclusion;
  • increase your customer base and encourage repeat customers;
  • assist your organisation to meet some of its obligations under anti-discrimination laws.

Registered business affiliates are listed on the Companion Card website. This provides an easy way for cardholders to locate venues and activities where the card is accepted.

Business affiliates are also provided with promotional materials (such as logos and point-of-sale materials).

Affiliation with the Program is free.

What type of business should join

Any business or organisation that charges an admission or participation fee for some or all products and services is encouraged to join.

Affiliation with the Companion Card program is free. Any costs associated with providing a companion ticket are the responsibility of the business affiliate.

What if a business chooses not to become an affiliate

Affiliation with the Companion Card program is voluntary. Organisations do, however, need to be mindful of their obligations to comply with legislation.

Disability anti-discrimination legislation applies to all organisations, regardless of their or the type of service provided. The Companion Card is a tool that can be easily adopted by businesses to assist with compliance.